Orange or Hiram, Ohio
Serenes Burnett Home or John Johnson Home
Section 66
October 1831
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A Word of Explanation
Serenes Burnett Home Some historians believe that the revelation was received during the conference held in Orange, which can be understood from the record of Joseph Smith. But others feel Joseph's statement is not specific as to location. The revelation was given at the request of William McLellin, a recent convert who later fell away from the Church. However, at the time of the revelation, some scholars believe McLellin's record more accurately identifies the location as Hiram.
Words of Joseph Smith
"At the conference on the 25th, at Orange, twelve High Priests, seventeen Elders, four Priests three Teachers, and four Deacons, together with a large congregation attended. Much business was done, and the four remaining members of the committee, authorized by the conference at Hiram on the 11th, were appointed, and consisted of Simeon Carter, Orson Hyde, Hyrum Smith, and Emer Harris. At the request of William E. McLellin, I inquired of the Lord, and received the following [Doctrine and Covenants 66]." (History of the Church 1:219-220)
Words of William McLellin
"We [William McLellin and Hyrum Smith] reached Kirtland [from Independence] on the 18th day of October, and on the 25th, I attended a general conference in the town of Orange, about 20 miles distant. Here I first and formed an acquaintance with Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon, John Whitmer, etc. About 40 ministers attended the conference. During its sittings, I, with nine others, was pointed out again by the spirit of revelation, as having the gifts and callings to the office of High Priest, and was ordained thereunto under the hands of Pres. Oliver Cowdery. Following this conference I went home with the Prophet, and on Saturday, the 29th, I received through him, and wrote from his mouth a revelation concerning myself [Doctrine and Covenants 66]. I had expected and believed that when I saw Brother Joseph, I should receive one: and I went before the Lord in secret, and on my knees asked him to reveal the answer to five questions through his Prophet, and that too without his having any knowledge of my having made such request. I now testify in the fear of God, that every question which I had thus lodged in the ears of the Lord of Sabbath, were answered to my full and entire satisfaction. I desired it for a testimony of Joseph's inspiration. And I to this day consider it to me an evidence which I cannot refute." (William McLellin, Ensign of Liberty 1, 1848, 61)
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