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Doctrine and Covenants Revelation Sites can be downloaded in its entirety from this page. Information has been divided into files corresponding with the pages found on this website. All pages have been formatted as PDF documents, which require you to have Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. If you do not have this software, click on the image below to download a free copy.
You may download all the files below, or just those of interest for lessons, travel planning, or study. Each file is from 1 to 4 pages in length, and file sizes are indicated next to each description. If you download everything, there are a total of 120 pages. The complete download is 11.8 MB, and the duration of the download will depend on the speed of your Internet connection. Click on a description to start the download.
The Hill Cumorah
Description File Size
Cover 430 KB
Introduction 365 KB
Project 274 KB
Revelation 288 KB
FAQs 148 KB
Revelation Site List 22 KB
Sacred Grove 256 KB
Smith Log Home 216 KB
Harmony 207 KB
Susquehanna River 219 KB
Fayette 226 KB
Kingdom 153 KB
Whitney Home 154 KB
Morley Farm 224 KB
Whitney Store 291 KB
Smith Home Kirtland 155 KB
Printing Office 169 KB
Kirtland Temple 369 KB
Leman Copley Farm 193 KB
Joshua Lewis Home 131 KB
McIlwaine's Bend 170 KB
Chariton 269 KB
John Johnson Home 275 KB
Serenes Burnett Home 160 KB
Simeon Carter Home 160 KB
Edward Partridge Home 243 KB
Freeman Nickerson Home 180 KB
Fishing River 243 KB
Salem 188 KB
Far West 308 KB
Spring Hill 230 KB
Liberty Jail 331 KB
Smith Homestead 252 KB
Brigham Young Home 275 KB
Red Brick Store 156 KB
Edward Hunter Home 161 KB
Times and Seasons Office 359 KB
John Taylor Home 147 KB
Ramus 200 KB
Carthage Jail 225 KB
Winter Quarters 346 KB
Wilford Woodruff Sites 304 KB
Beehive House 154 KB
Salt Lake Temple 227 KB
Sections 35, 36, and 37 52 KB
Section 66 41 KB
Section 78 46 KB
Section 127 147 KB
Section 135 155 KB
Final Thoughts 49 KB
I'll Trust Him Forevermore 553 KB
The Eagle Song 695 KB
More Information 50 KB
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