Orange, Ohio
Serenes Burnett home site
Section (66)
October 1831
". . . bear testimony in every place, unto every people and in their synagogues, reasoning with the people.
"Lay your hands upon the sick, and they shall recover. Return not till I, the Lord, shall send you. Be patient in affliction. Ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
"Keep these sayings, for they are true and faithful; and thou shalt magnify thine office, and push many people to Zion with songs of everlasting joy upon their heads.
Orange is located about 20 miles south of Kirtland. John Murdock, who became a close friend of the Prophet, joined the church here. By late 1830, about 65 new members comprised the Orange branch.
"Continue in these things even unto the end, and you shall have a crown of eternal life at the right hand of my Father, who is full of grace and truth."
Doctrine and Covenants 66:7, 9, 11-12
Key Events
Location of a Church Conference, held in the home of Serenes Burnett October 25-26, 1831.
John Murdock lived several miles west of the Burnett home on the same road. When his wife Julia died shortly after childbirth, John gave his newborn twins to Joseph and Emma Smith to raise as their own.
William McLellin, who had recently been baptized by Hyrum Smith, came to the Ohio to meet Joseph Smith. He had prayed for the Lord to answer several specific questions through the Prophet, but said nothing to anyone about it. At McLellin's request, Joseph prayed and received a revelation that answered every question.
While the historical record indicates the revelation was received the first day of the Orange conference, McLellin's journal indicated the revelation was received after the conference when he and the Prophet returned to Hiram. McLellin lived in the Prophet's home for about 3 weeks.
This home is located on the site of the original Serenes Burnett home, where a conference of the church was held. Oliver Cowdery ordained 17 men as High Priests, which was the second occasion when such ordinations had taken place in the restored church.
Words of Joseph Smith
"Faith comes by hearing the word of God, through the testimony of the servants of God; that testimony is always attended by the Spirit of prophecy and revelation." (History of the Church 3:379)
"Let the Elders be exceedingly careful about unnecessarily disturbing and harrowing up the feelings of the people. Remember that your business is to preach the Gospel in all humility and meekness, and warn sinners to repent and come to Christ. Avoid contentions and vain disputes with men of corrupt minds, who do not desire to know the truth. Remember that 'it is a day of warning, and not a day of many words.' If they receive not your testimony in one place, flee to another, remembering to cast no reflections, nor throw out any bitter sayings. If you do your duty, it will be just as well with you, as though all men embraced the Gospel." (History of the Church 1:468)
"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel." (History of the Church 2:487)
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