Nauvoo, Illinois
Joseph Smith Jr. Homestead or Red Brick Store
Section 127
September 1842
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Joseph Smith Homestead
Red Brick Store
Words of Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Homestead "Thursday, September 1, 1842 - During the forenoon in the Assembly Room, and in the afternoon at home, attending to business. Wrote the following: A Letter from the Prophet to the Saints at Nauvoo - Directions on Baptism for the Dead [Doctrine and Covenants 127]." (History of the Church 5:142)
A Word of Explanation
From the above statement, it is not possible to ascertain whether the letter that became Section 127 was written in the Red Brick Store (which is where the Assembly Room and the Prophet's office were located), or at his home (the Homestead), where he also "attended to business."
Red Brick Store
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