Kirtland or Hiram, Ohio
Whitney Store or John Johnson Home
Section 78
March 1832
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Whitney Store
John Johnson Home
A Word of Explanation
John Johnson Home Joseph Smith was living in the home of John Johnson in March 1832. He received 5 Doctrine and Covenants revelations during that month, and was not specific in the official history as to the location of each revelation. Some scholars feel that all 5 revelations may therefore have been received in Hiram. However, the Kirtland Revelation Book indicates Joseph traveled to Kirtland, and there received this revelation. The Whitney Store is believed to be a likely location by some historians.
Words of Joseph Smith
"About the first of March, in connection with the translation of the Scriptures, I received the following explanation of the Revelation of St. John (Doctrine and Covenants 77)." (History of the Church 1:253)
"Besides the work of translating, previous to the 20th of March [1832], I received the four following revelations [Doctrine and Covenants 78-81]." (History of the Church 1:255)
"From the 16th of February up to the date [8 March 1832] have been at home except a journey to Kirtland on the 29 February and returned home on the 4th of March. We received a revelation in Kirtland and one since I returned home." (Kirtland Revelation Book, 11)
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