Nauvoo, Illinois
Site of Brigham Young log home
Section 126
July 1841
"Dear and well-beloved brother, Brigham Young, verily thus saith the Lord unto you: My servant Brigham, it is no more required at your hand to leave your family as in times past, for your offering is acceptable to me.
"I have seen your labor and toil in journeyings for my name.
Upon Brigham Young's return from his mission to England with the Twelve Apostles, he found his family living in a log cabin in Nauvoo. The Prophet visited him a week after his return, and communicated to him the revelation. "I therefore command you to send my word abroad, and take especial care of your family from this time, henceforth and forever. Amen."
Doctrine and Covenants 126
The log cabin was located in what became the rear yard of Brigham Young's home. Beyond the split rail fence was the home of John Taylor.
Key Events
Brigham built a brick home on the property to replace the log cabin his family originally occupied in Nauvoo.
After the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, many Church leadership meetings were held in Brigham's brick home, including those during which preparations were made for migrating to the Rocky Mountains.
Brigham Young became the second president of the Church.
The brick home standing today was built in 1843, about two years after Brigham returned from his mission. The wings on the east and west ends were added in 1844.
Words of Joseph Smith
"Oh God, grant that I may have the privilege of seeing once more my lovely family . . . to press them to my bosom and kiss their lovely cheeks would fill my heart with unspeakable gratitude . . . Tell little Joseph he must be a good boy. Father loves him with a perfect love. He is the eldest [and] must not hurt those that are small than [he] but comfort them. Tell little Frederick father loves him with all his heart - he is a lovely boy. Julia is a lovely girl - I love her also. She is a promising child; tell her father wants her to remember him and be a good girl. Tell all the rest that I think of them and pray for them all . . . Little Alexander is on my mind continually. Oh, my affectionate Emma, I want you to remember that I am a true and faithful friend to you and the children forever. My heart is entwined around yours forever and ever. Oh may God bless you all, amen." (Personal Writings of Joseph Smith, 367-368)
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